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A Spring Update, and a Hopefull Summer

asodifTo be completely honest, I didn’t think that I would be posting about the Tribe the entire spring training, as I wanted to recap the entire thing into one solid, post.  However, I was assuming that we were going to see the same old Indians in the same old situation, but as we all know, the Tribe is not that predictable.

Currently, right now, the Indians are 12-2 in the cactus league, ranking them first.  That’s right, FIRST.  I know how the critics are feeling, and I now what they are going to say.  It’s just a fluke and means nothing at all.  Honestly, I would normally agree.  Spring training is just that, training.  It’s just the warm ups of what could be an entirely volatile season.  There have been many times when a team has had an amazing preseason, and then completely messed it up when it mattered.  There have also been times when a team has done amazing in the preseason, then went on to win the series.  Truth be told, we just don’t know.  It’s impossible.  However, you can’t deny that this is one of the best things that could happen to all of us Cleveland fans, especially after last season.

There will be more to talk about when it is all said and done, but there is no way this can’t help with at least the emotional aspect of the game.  To have this going into the regular season will give us the edge over anyone, and anything we face.  We are ready, and as long as that stays the same, this could really be the time.


An Introduction to Cleveland Indians BasePaul Blog

indexI have always liked writing, though I never really thought I was any good at it until I just kept doing it over and over.  Ironically, I still don’t like to read all that much unless it pertains to either really weird things like zombies or communication theories.  Odd right?  Anyways, there has always been one thing that I particularly enjoy, and that is the game of baseball, namely Cleveland Indians baseball.  So much so that I ACTUALLY changed my name to basePAUL.  Well, not quite, but that would be pretty cool if I could.

Ironically, being all into the baseball scene being a player for over 10 years and always following the sports since I was a kid, I still never really got into the “stats” portion of the game.  Probably because, let’s be honest, I really wasn’t that great of a ball player, though I tried.  This led me to NEVER want to look at my own stats, let alone anyone elses since I knew they were going to be so much better than mine, so I just avoided them.  This actually led me to a pretty cool thing, it let just enjoy the game itself, not only on my level, but on the MLB level as well.  I didn’t care about how many homers a guy had, or what his slug percent was. I loved the back story, the underdog, and the big comeback.

The cool thing about baseball is that each game is a new story, a new chapter, and a new beginning.  Since the season is SOOOO long (not complaining) with 162 regular season games, it’s almost impossible to be “playoff bound” a month or two in, so unlike every other sport, there is always the sense of drama.  A game can go anyway at any time, and since you play a series with a team, there is no guaranteed outcome.  One game can be a blowout for the home team, the next a blowout loss, and finally a walk off win.  Every day and every game is a new story that can lead to something amazing and fun, and if the game doesn’t go your way, there is always tomorrow.c

The Indians are especially good at this, as you know from their up and down years over the past 30 seasons.  While it seems like we might have a “curse,” I really don’t think this is so.  We have something that’s special.  We don’t have a team that is ALWAYS bad (sorry Astros), and we don’t have one that’s ALWAYS good (I hate you Yankees).  We are right in the sweet spot that makes every game a great story, and one that I think we should all share with the world.

So this blog is just that.  A blog about the life, the memories, and fun, and the excitement of the Cleveland Indians.  Join me, every day is a new ride, so let’s hop on.

P.S.  7 days until P/C report!