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While most blogs like giving stats or insights, this blog is a little different, one that stands out from the rest.  This blog is designed to help experience the COMMUNITY of the Cleveland Indians.  Of course, stats, predictions, and trades are key to any blog, however the basic undertone is one of brotherhood and the sharing of stories.  Baseball is an amazing sport and involves the most amazing people and fans, people that should be treasures.  The idea is of an open venue for stories, ideas, thoughts, and experiences.  Baseball is an amazing sport, and one that is even better around friends.

Paul Laux



A former baseball player himself for over 10 years, Paul Laux has been one of the biggest fans of the Tribe since he was a young child when he was first introduced to the game.  Following the greats of the mid-90’s, Paul began to follow his favorite player, Jim Thome, and soon after, Paul was a full fledged Indians fan going to as many games as he could each season, each time sitting in a different area to get a new experience.

A native Cleveland-er, Paul decided to create this blog when he decided that he should combine his writing skill, love for the game, and love for being a bigger part of the Cleveland Indians.  He feels there is nothing better than not only watching the greatness that is the Cleveland Indians, but watching it and talking about it with people who love it just as much.  It’s a gentleman’s sport, and a sport that involves the commodity of nearly everyone involved.166754_10151317408582694_764105721_n

Paul was a catcher and off-day outfielder in a lower league in Ohio for over 10 years, meaning his knees are now shot forever.  While never playing in the major, or even minor leagues, Paul still plays on and off until this day, giving not only a perspective from the fan level, but also from the players. Having lived in Cleveland for 23 years, Paul knows the city inside and out and is currently a Master’s student at Cleveland State University.


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