Kansas City Blast

kcMan oh MAN does it feel good to be back in this situation.  FINALLY we are back playing good old baseball, and doing it in the good old Indians way.  Until this point I will be honest, I was pretty terrified of where the season was going.  Yes I know that with baseball, anything can change at any time, and I know that this could be some false hope, but I would rather have this than another W.  Plus, no matter what you say, it’s nice to WIN a 4 game series.

There are a few things that accounted into this great victory, for one, we are actually playing like the Tribe that earned a spot in the playoffs last season.  From our batting, to our pitching, we just had it all on this series, and we showed that we weren’t going to go down easy.  It was thrilling to see our runs not just scored from walks and a big double, but single after single after single, especially in the series wrap up.  We needed out bats to get going, and gain some confidence in ourselves from an offensive standpoint, and this really did the trick.

However, without pitching, we wouldn’t be able to win.  While most of the klubpitching this series was quite impressive, nothing more than the incredible arm of Kluber.  9 innings in only 101 pitches, that was something people and teams dream of, and something Cleveland has been in desperate needs of this season when our relievers feel like starters.  Especially given the sub-par starts Kluber has given us so far, it is nice to see his arm falling into place.

All in all, I honestly feel that all we needed was a little hope, a little time, and just a few good starts.  We were never a team that started perfectly right out of the gate, and we never will be, especially with a team this young.  Granted, things can change, and we can fall back, but we have already shown that we can stand with the big guns, and we’re ready for them at all corners.


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