USA vs. Canada right in Downtown CLE.

jaysTo be completely honest, I love seeing the Indians play the Blue Jays, even when it doesn’t pan out how it should like this series did.  Why you ask?  For some reason, it is amazing to see, and hear, the U-S-A chants all game long no matter what, and it is also pretty cool to see two different cultures collide on something that both treasure.  Cleveland is relatively close to Canada, and since the Blue Jays are their only MLB team, it is not surprising that a lot of their fans leak down into progressive field, sometimes even just as much as Indians fans.  Thankfully, Canadians are pretty awesome people, and the games turn into one massive love fest for the game itself, and sometimes the score doesn’t even matter.

Nonetheless, we obviously still want the tribe to win.  Sadly in this case, we just couldn’t get it done.  While there are some glimmering signs of improvement, we still are falling into the same old issues that seem to plague us forever.  To be blunt, we should’ve won that first game.  We essentially did if it wasn’t for that one bad inning from scrabble.  If we had had that one on lockdown, I guarantee the outcome would have been different.  I actually blame that one on Tito for over-managing the team, Masterson could’ve finished that inning, and we could have been going home with the W.

In any case, the Tribe, minus a few *CoughBourn’sbattingaverageCOUGH* things, are actually starting to pick up.  While I don’t really see us having the time we did last year, though don’t count us out of the playoffs yet, I see this year as more of a struggle than we have ever had before.  It is going to test us all as fans, but that is definitely something we can handle…as always.


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