Slow Engines Lead to a Tough Ending

jkghHere we are again, falling behind to teams that we should easily beat.  Just like the past couple years, it’s always the same story.  We start off slow, dropping games to teams like Chicago, that were easily in our hands, only to have to make all that ground up later.  We have always had the ability to pull this feat off, and somehow come out on top int he end, but for once it would be nice to start ahead and stay ahead.  Alas, this is Cleveland, and we are rarely offered such a luxury.  We are actually starting off better than we did last year technically, but after last year, I think we were all kind of hoping that our entire season wouldn’t be one massive catch up game.

The problem is that, for some reason, and no matter what we do, we can never seem to get the gears turning right off the bat like we need to.  It always seems like it takes us 6-7 innings just to realize we are actually playing a baseball game.  For instance the final game of the Chicago series.  That was a game that shouldn’t have ended the way it did.  I honestly don’t even blame Axford, be has been amazing to this point, and we can’t rely on him to have a perfect record in saves, it just won’t happen.  Sadly, it took us 9 innings just to get back into a 3 point game, something that should never happen against the White Sox.

Unfortunately, with the Tigers being up next on the schedule,  I don’t see much improvement from the club in the next couple games, I just don’t have the faith at the moment.  This doesn’t mean that they can’t surprise me and win, or sweep the series.  However, with our current play, you can’t help but be skeptical.  Though I will admit that it is nice how Murphy is catching on to the club.murphy

With the additions of Bourn and Giambi in the next couple days, it might be that our team will finally come back to Cleveland and help us back to the playoffs, though like usual, it will probably be a sprint to the finish line.  Sigh.


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