An Opening Series to Forget

We finally did it!  We wonasdfasdfasd a home opener!  We haven’t done that since what?  2008?  At first it seemed like we finally got over that bump we had in Oakland to kick it all off..but then we went right back to the same old same old.  Is it panic time yet?  No.  Should we be concerned however?  Maybe a little.

Granted, last year at this time we were doing no better.  Even our best hitter, Kipnis, was only batting .200, and almost lost his spot in the order.  Francona stood by his skill however, and eventually he became one of the keys to our success on offense last season.  So all of the fans will just have to do the same.  After all, waiting is what we are bred for.

This doesn’t forgive all of the problems that we had over this series against the Twins.  The Twins we should have, and could have beaten all three games.  We just let things get to our head, and is cost us in the long run.

Nonetheless, there were some silver linings to this disaster of a series, one of them actually being our hitting.  Granted, the first two games were dismal, but there was finally some gleaming light in the final game, and some hope that maybe we were finally working the bugs out.asdfads

The Hot

1:  It’s actually hard to think of anything that fit into this category, but if I had to think of anything, it would be our ability to always keep in the game.  Even though the games got away from us, we still kept trying.

2:  Swisher and Gomes.  At this point, these are they only guys we can rely on.  They finally have gotten their bats swinging, and on the field these guys will literally leave it all, especially Gomes.  He doesn’t always come through with the throw to second, but you can be sure he is at least going to try.

The Not

Everything else.  Seriously.  Especially our starting pitching, as I have zero confidence in them currently, even Masterson.  We need work all around, and if we don’t do something quick, we might get ourself in quite a bit of a hole.  We played sloppy, **COUGHinfieldCOUGH**, and we couldn’t get our bats around…again.  Hopefully we will be playing true MLB quality baseball soon.

a;lsdkjfAll in All

All in all, I am still confident that we will be able to hold through.  Watching other games no one else, besides Detroit of course, is playing up to their abilities either.  It’s the beginning of a long year, and they are getting the bugs out still.

As I said, there are still some silver linings, for instance our batting.  While it has been awful lately, the last game did show some promise, and some hope.  Our Indians are just being Indians, and they will never let us down, and when they do, we will keep following anyway.


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