Oooooooooakland: A Typical Beginning

indexFinally the season is back and into full swing!….and we are still being the same ol’ Tribe.  What much can you really say about it?  Even though the Indians were on a better track that they have been in the past couple of years, we still managed to, quite literally, scare the hell out of everyone who watched.  To be completely honest, it doesn’t even feel that good.  Sure, we won the series, which is all that matters at the end of the day, but there are some serious red flags that need to be addressed.

I can’t be the only one who got a little nervous when we started out with the same issues we had last year, I mean I thought we were going to learn.  Nonetheless, I am happy it turned out the way it did, and now it is time to move on and  continue the streak here in good old CLE at opening day!  As for the first series, here is a little bit about what I saw.

The Hot

1:  OUR ROOKIES.  Seriously, if it weren’t for some of the new and younger faces on the team, this blog post could be a whole lot different.  Every year it is key that you bring in good talent, and you expect them new guys to carry their own.  But winning the game for the team?  That’s almost unheard of.  Even with Morgans annoying swing he does in between pitches, he can do that all day long for all I care, as long as he keeps it up.

2:  Our relief pitching.  For most seasons, but this one the most, we always have high expectations on what our pitchers are going to do.  We expect nothing but the best every year, especially this one.  So to those people who were worried about our relief in the bullpen, I think after this series you can finally eat your words, they sure saved our buts this time.  I can’t even begin to express how amazing it is to have confidence in a closing pitcher again.  AX man?  You’re alright.

3:  Shutout ability.  Even before this season started, individuals -coughEPSNcough- claimed we were a fluke, and that we would never be able to win those close 1-0 games again that got us to the playoffs before.  However, since the FIRST GAME we had a shut out, I think we can all finally agree that some people…….just hate the Tribe, and will never have confidence in us.  I have never seen a team that can hold on to such a slim margin and still win, it’s insane.  While it scares us all to death, and probably will all season, you can’t deny we seem to always pull something out of our back pocket to keep us ahead.


asdfds1:  Our starting pitchers.  Seriously, what the heck happened??? Of course I am completely ignoring Masterson, as he did amazing like we all expected, the others were just downright awful.  Neither Kluber nor McAllister could even find the strike zone, let alone have an inning where we didn’t have at least one base runner.  Granted, Kluber has never done well against the A’s but still, they need to calm themselves and work on some serious issues on the mound before they get the teams confidence back.

2:  Our batting.  Dear Lord…I mean I knew we weren’t the best hitting team in the league, but I thought we were at least past the old days of 1,2,3 innings EVERY inning with just pop ups to the corners.  Thank fully we had our ROOKIES to keep us in the game, and thanks to Brantley for sealing the deal and taking it home in the 3rd game.  It was sad how bad the veterans were actually doing hitting-wise, and a little concerning.  I didn’t really expect much from Swisher, but even Kipnis was having his issues.

dazfgadfAll In All

We came home with 2 W’s, and that’s all that matters when it comes to the end of the day, however we do need some serious work in our pitching and hitting.  Our fielding was great, but we can’t always rely on those 2-0 innings, especially with Detroit.

We took a little bit to warm up, but after a while we began to feel comfortable in our own shoes and picked up the pace.  It might have been a little scary seeing our beloved Indians falling into the same problems they always do, however now that the cobwebs are all shaken off, I fully feel that the tribe will fall into a positive swing, no pun intended.  It was scary, but they got it done like always.  Once some of the bugs are worked our, it will be TRIBE TIME in CLE.


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